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Re: Galaxies

Started by Lorne Johnson, 03/05/2006 07:58AM
Posted 03/05/2006 07:58AM Opening Post
I'll take a stab at this.

You certainly won't get anything that looks like the photographs. However, you will be able to see differences in the brighter galaxies. Dark skys, excellent transparancy, and developed observing skills will make more difference than the UTHC coatings.

Most I would expect that you would get hints or glimpses of spirals in M 81 or M 51, dark lanes in M 31, M 82, M104. This would probably be with averted vision. I have been able to do this with a quality 8 inch dobsobian, although it certainly took practice.

When Meade says the UTHC coatings give you the equvalent of a 9.6 inch, they mean a 9.6 inch Meade Schmidt Cassigrain without the UTHC coatings, or a scope with a similar amount of obstruction reflecting and air to glass surfaces. It won't be as good for visual observing as a 9 inch newtonian, or arguably even an 8 inch newtonian. (Be a lot better for imaging though.)