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Re: helical focusers

Started by Lorne Johnson, 11/26/2009 06:04AM
Posted 11/26/2009 06:04AM Opening Post
david goldman said:

HELP! someone recently put a "wanted" ad in the focuser classified section for a particular helical focuser.the company is in the state of Washington.i don't remember the full companies name,.....optics.
the only thing they make related to telescopes is this helical focuser.does anyone know this company?,thanx, Dave.

Is it Kinesoptics?
Posted 11/26/2009 06:28AM #1
Posted 11/27/2009 02:45PM #2
I think that was my wanted ad. KineOptics is the company. I have received the focuser, and it is really simple and quite well made. It is very light weight, and can have various mounting heights with different spacers. I even discovered that it can be mounted backwards (installed on the inside of a mounting plate) and works just as well. It is really an ingenious invention.

It does not come with a 2"-1.25" adapter, but that's a minor thing that can be picked up here for less than $20.

The other cost/installation factor is that it has no mounting plate, and you need to drill a 2 3/8" hole for it. A metal hole saw and arbor costs about $30

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