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Re: one eyepiece

Started by msholdenct, 03/10/2006 08:44AM
Posted 03/10/2006 08:44AM Opening Post
don treat said:

im trying to avoid spending money needlessly on eyepieces. so here's my question. if you could only have one eyepiece for an 8" sct what would it be? and why?

I think you'll really want at least 3 eyepieces to start with.

If the budget is a factor, I'd start with some basic plossls or maybe something like the Meade MA line - I'd go for ones in the general range of an 8, a 25, and a 40. At star party swap tables, you can find OK but nothing special used eyepieces for as little as $5. You can often find somewhat nicer ones for $15-20. I've also seen eyepieces in this range on astromart.

If you can afford to, instead of buying all cheapies, replace one of the ones I suggested with a good high quality one. I'd make it the one I expected to use the most. If you post a question about what's a good deal in a given price range for a given focal range, you'll get good advice.

Odds are, you'll end up replacing the inexpensive ones as you become more involved in the hobby.

Posted 03/10/2006 01:03PM #1
let me clarify.... this is my first scope. i have some eyepieces that came with it.they aren't to great. i guess what i was asking is what would be your first quality eyepiece to add to the not so quality ones?