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Re: Red Lights

Started by David Simons, 07/18/2004 06:31PM
Posted 07/18/2004 06:31PM | Edited 07/18/2004 09:22PM Opening Post
Hi Pete,

I made one from an old weighted base reading lamp. A few details are on this posting here:

This lamp is much dimmer than it looks, and works off the 12V battery in the picture. I use it all the time now, as it illuminates a large section of the page, and is also used as a paper weight to keep the pages from turning in the wind.

David Simons

David Simons
Posted 07/18/2004 10:03PM #1
Hi Pete,

This one runs off 12V (the black box in the picture), but I think Radio Shack sold a 6V red lamp also. Then it could be powered by a lantern type 6V battery. I am sure there are a few folks that could modify a lamp like this with LED's to run off even a 9V battery. Orion sells a few red lights, but they are somewhat expensive.

I have also seen some hardware stores that sell various flashlights that come with a red filter.

Good Luck !

David Simons

David Simons