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Re: The good and the bad

Started by rmollise, 08/12/2013 06:53AM
Posted 08/12/2013 06:53AM | Edited 08/12/2013 06:54AM Opening Post
billy moss said:

To someone getting started, sometimes remarks made about some scopes may cause a person to pass up on a very good, low price scope. There is one scope that I believe gets more bad reviews than it deserves, because you do get bad ones, but when you do get a good one, it is more likely to be a better scope than the ones it is compared to. The B&L 4000 SCT gets bad reviews, but I really think that the maybe 100 of them that were bad, have been sold and resold back and forth, that is where most of the bad reviews come from. But the mechanical construction of these scopes are great, and the drives are great. There are more good ones than bad ones. If you can find one that has the quality optics, than you have a better scope that will last a lifetime. You can get these scopes rather cheap, because of the bad reputations caused by the bad ones. I do not how to really go about finding the good ones through the ads, but if you could, it would be well worth it. Mine is a quality scope, very well made, it is a shame that all of them did not have the same optical quality, do not understand how this happens, unless the quality assurance was just not what it should have been.

These little scopes are not all "bad," but few--if any of them--are better than mediocre. I've seen a lot of them over the last four decades, and I have yet to find a truly good one. wink

Pretty little scopes, but unless one can be had for a steal...

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