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Re: what started it for me

Started by drachal, 10/11/2013 11:11AM
Posted 10/11/2013 11:11AM Opening Post
Quite an enjoyable story, Billy. I think in my case I was visiting a cousin and we were walking around in the evening during twilight; we saw a fireball breaking up into pieces. I do not think I'd ever seen a meteor before. 8O Later that night there was a meteor storm and we saw numerous meteors streaking all the way across the sky. The entire evening had a surreal quality to it. I believe this was in '66 or later.

My first view of lunar craters was through another cousin's Gilbert reflector(3"?) with a partially coated mirror and a little square diagonal mirror. The magnification was probably 25X or so, but the craters were visible and I was astounded. That's why you'll never hear me refer to "department store" scopes as junk.

Darian R.