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Star Maps for Beginners

Started by curtrenz, 03/23/2004 03:10PM
Posted 03/23/2004 03:10PM Opening Post
If you would like a simple introductory set of monthly star charts, still the best is the 1942 classic, "Star Maps for Beginners". Its clever map projection (see below) is more natural for novices as it eliminates most of the distortion seen in a planisphere or circular map. The basic star patterns will be burned into your brain and never forgotten. I got my now ragged copy in 1959 at age 13, and it served me well for many years. The "monthly" charts also work well as progressive charts for each 2-hour period during any particular night.

"Sky & Telescope" says, "The best way to learn the constellations that we have ever run across."

For information on the 50th anniversary edition and a method for obtaining a copy, click this link:

For an enlarged view of the March map, click the link below:

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Curt Renz