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UHC or Ultrablock help?

Started by BillH101, 08/30/2004 01:23PM
Posted 08/30/2004 01:23PM Opening Post
I've been searching and reading about the UHC and Ultrablock filters and wonder if anyone can suggest which will help me more, if either. I have a 6" reflector and live in a very small town with what I think is relatively low light pollution. It seems like I'm finding a lot of info on people using these with 10"+ scopes. Will I see a large benefit in viewing nebulas with either of these, or don't I have enough aperture to deal with the light loss with the filters? Would one be better than the other for my scope? Thanks for your opinions. -Bill
Posted 08/31/2004 10:41AM #1
I'm with Chris. I have an 8" and on some Nebula it really brings out some detail. The light loss can be overcome by dropping the magnification a bit. I am very happy with this purchase.

There is a link if you search on Nebula Filters that has reviews by Nebula for each type of filter. Using this you can see which Nebula the UHC/Ultrablock will help you on. Right now the Lagoon is a great one to use that filter on.

I would recommend buying one here on Astromart. If you decide you don't like it, sell it and you're only out shipping ($3).