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Understanding viewing conditions

Started by giantant, 01/24/2005 09:29AM
Posted 01/24/2005 09:29AM Opening Post
A very basic question... Can anyone tell me how you define/judge viewing parameters like seeing and transparency? I'd also appreciate advice on a good book so that I don't have to ask such basic questions - LOL.


Tim :S

Tim Taylor
Posted 01/24/2005 12:43PM #1
Seeing is how steady the night air is (and thus how steady the stars are). Transparency is how clear it is (and thus how many of them you can see).

Things can be very steady but not transparent. This happens, for instance when there is moisture in the air.

Things can be very transparent, but not steady. This happens, for instance after a storm has gone through and the air is so clear you can count the stars in the Little Dipper. Unfortunately, it is so unstable that they are twinkling like Christmas lights.

As for books, I don't know. (I'll work harder on this if the rest of the forum does not respond.)

As for not having to ask questions if you get the right books. Don't ever stop asking questions. It is fun to answer them.