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Using TV powermates on Ethos 21mm

Started by timstruth, 09/27/2009 08:12AM
Posted 09/27/2009 08:12AM Opening Post
I'm thinking about how to get premium eyepieces without breaking the bank and wondered what would be sacrificed by just buying the Ethos 21mm and using powermates (2X & 5X) to give me other focal lenghts, (I think 10.5 & 4.2). I've read contrast may be affected but are there signicant disadvantages with these barlowed focal lengths above as opposed to using say the closest in the Ethos range of 6mm/10mm eyepieces?
Posted 09/27/2009 10:28AM #1
Hi Tim.
The Powermates perform very well, but they are long and heavy, and might give you balance problems. If you're changing back and forth a lot and having to readjust your balance (refractor?), that could be quite a distraction. Convenience should be a consideration. I have a definite bias though, for using individual eyepieces, without barlows. I'm in good company...Al Nagler expressed the same sentiment in his presentation at PATS yesterday.
If I was trying to assemble a small set of premium eyepieces right now, I'd check out the Naglers right here in the classifieds. Prices are down lately, and you could put together a good set of Naglers for the price of a new 21mm Ethos. A 22mm T4, 12mm T4, and 7mm T6, for example. Or maybe you can sneak in a used 8mm Ethos at the high end. (I think that's where the Ethos has the biggest advantage.)
There's my 2 cents. Spend them well. wink
Have fun, whatever you do.