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Started by, 05/31/2015 05:48PM
Posted 05/31/2015 05:48PM | Edited 05/31/2015 05:50PM Opening Post
I told one of my astro friends about something I saw concerning Back Yard EOS, (BYEOS). He purchased it, intalled it and is having a great amount of luck with the program. It ran perfectly the very first time on his Panasonic Toughbook.

I have a Pan Toughbook also. So I bought the BYEOS advanced version. After many many hours, I have not been successful installing it on any of several of my PC laptops. All I get is a "validation" error when I enter the passcode. Note all of these PCs have been updated and seem to work perfectly with everything else. Let me admit that I am a Mac person, and the PCs were used in my business environment and I brought them home to use them to run software in my observatory. I am not proficient at all with PCs or their operating systems.

I was successful however in getting BYEOS to download and validate using Parallels/OS 8.1 on my iMac.

I used the same pass codes and other information on my other PC computers, but I simply cannot get BYEOS to work on a PC. It would not make sense to put my iMac in my observatory as it is just too big and is my main computer in my house.

I really need some help with this. I emailed Guylain and he confirmed that my passcode and other information is indeed correct.

Anyone with an idea out there? Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

ron levandoski
Posted 06/01/2015 11:44AM #1
I think he would work one-on-one with you to get up and running. My experience has been that BYE author offers great support. :-) There may be a limit to the number of PCs you can activate the license on.

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