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Viewing conditions

Started by cedar, 08/08/2004 05:35AM
Posted 08/08/2004 05:35AM Opening Post
Will mediocre optics produce near perfect star images if the viewing conditions are good enough? This is kind of a questionable question, I know.
Posted 08/08/2004 06:33PM #1

I'm inclined to say no, but what type scope, size, brand, eyepieces, and powers are you referring to? There are a lot of variables in play. Mediocre optics really needs to be defined before we can help you with your question.

One important point I will make is that "good enough" seeing in this case implies exceptional seeing. This is a rare occurance for most of us.
Posted 08/10/2004 09:13AM #2
Thanks James and Dan:
for the replies. Dan that was the information I was looking for. Viewing conditions sure make a difference.
Posted 08/10/2004 05:37PM #3
If you gave me a choice between

Mediocre Optics and great seeing conditions.


Great Optics and Mediocre seeing conditions.

I think I would take the Mediocre Optics in great seeing conditions, just because those seeing conditions are relatively rare. Of course, by mediocre, I mean "what you can expect to get from a mass manufacturer." It is hard to tell what one means by "mediocre," and you did not say "sub-par." I consider mediocre as "just average."