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What are some easy objects to find ??

Started by Allegro318, 02/16/2004 08:21AM
Posted 02/16/2004 08:21AM Opening Post
I have a new Orion 120 EQ Refractor and am brand new observing. I have been able to set up the telescope and find and successfully view Saturn and Jupiter. I have also found the Great Neb or Orion and it looks very clear and bright. However I not been able to find any else !! I can successfully use the RA and Dec rings to find stars and planets, but when I try to find any other galaxy or nebula, I find nothing. My question is, what are some easier objects to find for a beginner? I use "The Sky" software so I can search by M.
Posted 02/16/2004 09:38AM #1
Clouds if you live around here. Sounds like you are doing pretty good though. Have fun with your new scope.

Posted 02/16/2004 11:30AM #2
The suggestions above are quite good. Open clusters are a good place to start looking. They are usually bright enough to see. The Behive cluster is up at this time of year. So are M 35 36 37 38 (in and about Auriga), and the mid 40's messiers (Around Canis Minor). If you are having trouble finding those, it may well be your true field of view. (Dark skies, knowing what you are looking for, and of course practice do help a lot). It would be worth knowing what your lowest power eyepiece is and its apparent field of view, focal length of the scope, and whether you have a 1.25 or 2 inch focuser.
Posted 02/16/2004 12:39PM #3
The only galaxy I've been able to get recently in my suburban, light polluted skies is M31, and not for lack of trying to find other galaxies near the big dipper, as well as M33, etc. It has to be pretty bad to not see M31. Also, check out Double Cluster near Cass. I love that one! Orion/Canis Maj have some gems. M78, M41, M93,M46/47. Also try M38 and beehive cluster. The 25 should show 'em. Crab neb could be worthwhile.

How's your dark adaptation? Get a good star chart if you don't have one! Software is great, but nothing beats being able to find objects real time! You have a red LED flashlight?