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What to upgrade to from Meade 1000mm?

Started by onemooresam, 11/01/2020 05:44PM
Posted 11/01/2020 05:44PM Opening Post
I have a Meade 1000mm f/11 Mirror Lens scope with MA25mm, MA12mm, and OR6mm eyepieces. I want to upgrade my backyard viewing experience, but don't know how to compare this scope's power to telescopes on the market. My hope is to spend around $500, but I don't want to spend that on something that doesn't really let me see much more than I already do.

What would you recommend? I'm cool with used equipment, so higher-end models that sell around $500 are OK, too.

Also, I use it on a Velbon photo/video tripod. Something that comes with a tracking tripod would be great. Recommendations for affordable tracking tripods are welcome, too.

Thanks in advance!