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Which eyepieces to get?

Started by Deshapiro, 03/20/2005 10:02AM
Posted 03/20/2005 10:02AM Opening Post
Hi All,
I'm just starting out with a Meade 8" SCT.What would be a good spread of eyepieces to get?

David Shapiro
Posted 03/20/2005 04:51PM #1
Assuming you don't want to spend a lot of money and are using 1.25" eyepieces, and have the usual f/10 model SCT, then I'd get something like:

32mm Plossl for low power and widest field possible with 1.25" eyepieces, 15-20mm for medium power deep sky (100-133x), and about 10mm (200x) for planetary.

Good plossls are not too expensive. The Meades are fine, but the usual recommendation (which I agree with) are for either Televue or the Celestron Ultimas/Orion Ultrascopics (not actually Plossls, but close enough). You might also want to try a University Optics Orthoscopic for your planetary eyepiece - reasonably priced and well regarded.

200x is a good max power - plenty to see lunar and planetary detail, won't stress the optical performance, and will be usable most nights unless you have really bad local seeing conditions.

If you want to spend a lot more money, then it's hard to beat Al Nagler's advice:
Posted 03/21/2005 04:34AM #2
I'll throw in a few more options:

1) a 2" 40mm University Optics MK-70, a 2" 31mm Proxima, a 30mm (or 35mm) Celestron Ultima, or a 24.5mm Meade SWA (which apparently are still available)

2) an 18mm Meade SWA

3) a 9mm University Optics orthoscopic or perhaps one of their new 9mm O.P.S. oculars

Dave Mitsky

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