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Zoom Lens

Started by GScott, 11/02/2023 09:37PM
Posted 11/02/2023 09:37PM Opening Post
I was wondering if there are any opinions about zoom eyepieces? I bought a Hyperion 8 - 24 mm zoom quite a while back (maybe 9 years ago) and am just now trying to use it. Unfortunately, it's stuck between 20 and 24 mm and I can't get it to go farther. I went to the manufacturer's website (Baader Planeterium) and they have no support section. I emailed the company I bought it from (Anacortes Telescope) and they directed me to Alpine Astronomical who said that they have seen this issue before and, no, it's not repairable without risking other issues.

So... if I do buy another one, is it worth it or is it better just to have eyepieces that cover the same range? I'm just getting back into observing and would like to look at the moon, planets and deep sky objects.

Posted 11/10/2023 11:46PM | Edited 11/10/2023 11:51PM #1
If you have bought the EP with a credit card - check it that gives you some extension of the warranty.

I myself find zoom EP quite usefull for high power observing. One zoom usually is equivalent of at least 3 fixed ones and its super easy to "see" what the best magnification is.

But also keep in mind - there are optic limitations to all zooms out there. They go neither super wide FOV, nor are they the sharpest at very low f-ratios and eye relief is at times less than what equivalent fixed EP offer.
So for low power, deep sky observing I stay with fixed, "highly optimized" EP. But my maksutov hasn't been used with anything but a Baader 8-24mm in many years and the Nagler 3-6mm is the only real high power eyepiece I have left.