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Boattini's Back

Started by pksamsury, 07/12/2008 04:20PM
Posted 07/12/2008 04:20PM Opening Post
This morning (7/12) at 5 am, I was able to get a reasonable view of Comet Boattini from my light polluted backyard north of Dallas. It was located about due east and at an altitude of 20 degrees. I use The Sky ver 5 as a finder tool. Using a location printout and my 16x60 Pentax binoculars, the comet was exactly in the location forecasted. There was no visible tail, but a view of an elongated object to the upper left, as viewed.

The actual location was near 92-alpha Ceti. I star hopped from The Pleiades to the four bright star crescent in Taurus to Alpha Ceti and then slightly back to Boattini. From a true dark sky site the view should be quite spectacular.