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Comet Lovejoy

Started by keith parizek, 12/25/2014 06:24PM
Posted 12/25/2014 06:24PM Opening Post
I saw C/Lovejoy the last two nights. It is visible in 7x35 binos. THe viow in a 16 Meade RFT is great, but only coma seen and a no tail visible in my semi light polluted skies. Get out and have a look before we get more Moon to deal with
Keith Parizek
Posted 12/26/2014 01:38AM | Edited 12/26/2014 01:40AM #1
I found it last night through the Dallas light dome with my 16x70s. Like you all I could see was the tail.

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Posted 01/08/2015 05:02PM #2
Last looked at it night before last (last night was too cold--fraking 20F). In my C11 it was quite a sight, with a tiny nucleus, extensive coma and hints of a tail with a 16mm 100-degree eyepiece at f/6.3. Reminded me of those glorious 1990s nights with Hyakutake and Hale Bopp. It was surprisingly bright in 10x50 binoculars, and I almost convinced myself I could see it naked eye from my not overly dark backyard. wink

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