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Another day in the life

Started by pkamm, 11/07/2002 07:29AM
Posted 11/07/2002 07:29AM Opening Post
- 9:00 pm -- set up 10" f/8 dob in backyard (ooooof!)
- 9:20 pm -- put daughter to bed
- 9:40 pm -- say goodnight to wife
-10:15 pm -- check the sky, still clear!
-10:20 pm -- doze on the couch with cat, wait for Saturn to rise high enough for decent views
-12:10 am -- wake up, make a cup of tea, have some cereal
-12:45 am -- repair one eyepiece, get goodies ready
- 1:00 am -- walk outside & look up. Clouds.
- 1:00-1:15 am -- wander around yard in a daze wishing clouds not here, wondering where they came from and where the hell were they 3 hours ago
- 1:30 am -- put scope away (oooof!). go to bed. Probably not sleep because wired on tea now.

'Night everybody.