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Best Galaxy Pick: February Skies

Started by Rod Kaufman, 02/11/2015 08:58PM
Posted 02/11/2015 08:58PM Opening Post
I was observing in front of my home on Tuesday evening, 2-10, and although springtime and the realm of the galaxies hasn't arrived yet, one constellation riding high in the nighttime sky beckons for exploration.
The constellation is Lynx and the galaxy is NGC 2683. At magnitude 9.8, my guess is that Messier missed it, and at a 9' x 1.5' image in a 16" scope, details including mottling and bright knots are readily visible even in a light polluted sky with a broadband filter. Simply put, this is a real gem that might otherwise be overlooked when other fine winter constellations offer nebula, open clusters, and planetaries. More info:
Lynx offers other interesting galaxies and I picked off a few more, including NGC 2537, the bearpaw galaxy, aptly named, and NGC 2782, visible only with the aid of a broadband filter from my location. I could also detect a few of the brighter members of the Abel 779 galaxy cluster and I hope to view them from a dark sky soon...
Posted 02/12/2015 02:52PM #1
It's one of the few galaxies I can see well from my backyard.