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Challenging Winter Targets...

Started by Rod Kaufman, 11/15/2015 05:05PM
Posted 11/15/2015 05:05PM Opening Post
I wasn't able to get to the LAAS site this week either so I set up the 16" dob in front of my home on Saturday evening(11-14-15) and I enjoyed good transparency and seeing to the point that I could penetrate down to about 14 magnitude. Currently well-placed for observation is IC 289, a 13.3 magnitude planetary in Cassiopeia. Pick it up wither either a 0111 or NPB filters in low power eyepieces and then try switching to high powers once you locate it. More info:
Next, try for NGC 7094 in Pegasus, it's large but faint at magnitude 13.4:
Use an 0111 filter or an NBP to see it, especially under less than optimum dark sky conditions.
Next, go for IC351 in Perseus, a bit brighter planetary than the others at mag 12.0:
These should keep you busy between all of the other winter galaxy delights up there, especially when you want to give your filters some "eyepiece time". smile
Posted 11/27/2015 03:39AM #1
Thanks for the tips! I'll go after when the moon slips out of the way. Just got my encoders working again (it was a loose connector) but upgraded from the old 4,000-count to 10,000 and zeroed out the Alt Vert and squared up Alt to Az and Optical to Alt. The pointing should now be excellent ... I HOPE! Tom

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