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Christmas View

Started by EdZ, 12/13/2002 08:34AM
Posted 12/13/2002 08:34AM Opening Post
I opened my mail to see what's the chatter,
and what did I find, all questions that matter.
So fingers to keys, I set out to reply,
I put down these words in answer to why.

The scopes are how long in comparison to wide,
this gives us the f, it's true and it's tried.
The longer they are, the narrower they see,
you'll hear wider is better, just like an SUV.
We like to use power so we can see small,
there is no one scope that can capture it all.

To test out our numbers we give it a go,
your 880 by 102 gives f8.6 we know.
My 1200 by 150 at f8 is my pride,
but 750 by 150 at f5 is my wide.

We put in the eyepiece and easily get power,
it's F scope by f eyepiece and changes each hour,
for how often do you keep to only a few,
if you're like me with eyepieces, you'll use a whole slew.

And here we take note of F big and f small
F big is how long, f small how it all
meets up with your eye and dishes it out,
as long or as wide is what it's about.

So now that we know the mag that we get,
we figure the view by some math to learn yet.
Eyepieces all come with an apparent view stated,
it's the angle your eye scans inside that it's rated.
Take power and divide by the angle they say,
gives True field of view with which you can play.

A common reference we see is max 50 per inch,
but the 880's so good 60 to 70 is a cinch.
At 102 it’s 4 inches, so crunch the numbers,
at 60 to 70 you'll see more high power wonders.

The closer you get to the eyepiece you bump,
so eye relief saves you the inevitable lump.
The best er is a comfortable spot,
without crunching the eyepiece, you see the whole lot.

Some who wear glasses and can't see without,
need most eye relief, too short, and then they're put out.
The higher the power, the less er matters.
At hi mag many eyepieces correct lots of abbers.

So much of this stuff is a jumble to you,
what really counts is how much you view.

We all want to know what's under the tree,
will Santa bring that Nagler for me?

Clear skies, and if not Cloudy Nights too you all,
for if you can't see then read, till asleep you do fall.

Merry Christmas, edz. 12/02

I got inspired by my friend, George Strayer's questions.
Posted 12/13/2002 09:43PM #1
I find it most informative and humorus. Jolly old Ed has way too much time on his hands.
Merry Christmas to All