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Comet passes 2 degrees from M13

Started by Joplin Motisher-Chittenden, 05/15/2002 09:43AM
Posted 05/15/2002 09:43AM Opening Post
Comet Ikeya - Zhang passes about 2 degrees from the globular cluster M13 in Hercules tonight. They make an interesting pairing since at low power they look quite similar but at higher power the unique nature of each becomes evident. Also, they will both be about zenith if you live at 38 degrees north latitude at around 2:30 am local daylight time (1:30 am local standard time). I plan to make the long trek to dark skies to photograph the pair if the weather is good.
Clear Skies,
Posted 05/16/2002 01:10AM #1
I hadn't seen this post nor had I seen this comet before tonight. I first saw it looking through my Canon IS 15x45 binocs tonight mistakenly thinking that it was M13. However, it looked too big for M13 and a little look around clearly showed that I was mistaken. I didn't know what it was at this point and suspected that it might be a comet, but I didn't know one was expected in this region tonight. I got out my 12" Dob and viewed it and then rushed to see if I could be the first to report this comet so that I could name it :-)

Thanks for your post.

As for me .... oh well, better late than never. I sure was starting to get excited though.