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Double stars for 3-4" aperture?

Started by drachal, 04/21/2002 06:13PM
Posted 04/21/2002 06:13PM Opening Post
Does anyone know of a book or listing of double stars, with current sep. & p.a., suitable for telescopes of these apertures? A friend loaned me "The Night Sky Observer's Guide" which has nice lists of double stars, but it's mainly for deep sky. Does the B.A.A. publish such information? I know there is a Webb book dealing with double stars, but I'm not sure how current the information is. Thanks for any assistance. Mr. Darian Rachal

Darian R.
Posted 06/07/2022 05:03AM #1
Sissy Haas wrote a book entitled: Double Stars for small telescopes. Unfortunately it is out of print and selling for wads of money, but there are some pdf sources you can buy, which are available for less money. More than 2000 interesting double stars listed in this book with nice comments from the author about each binary. 
The Cambridge Atlas of Double Stars is much less expensive and very complete. It has maps, unlike the Sissy Hass book, and so it can be useful for those with manual mounts. It has an appendix listing a nearly unlimited number of double stars divided into constellations. AND it has all the interesting double stars marked with an asterisk and a comment about the double star or multiple star system!! 
I have a Celestron CGEM II mount, and although it has an internal list of double stars, the list is quite small, so I understand your plight.
Posted 06/28/2022 01:22AM | Edited 06/28/2022 01:37AM #2
I second the recommendation for Jim Mullaney's Double Star Atlas.  The charts are by Wil Tirion and  go with me every time I'm stargazing.  They are a perfect size between the Pocket Sky Atlas and the larger Sky Atlas 2000.0 by S&T.  I have it paired with Jim's Celestial Harvest, which he updated in 2015, and lists other showpieces for small telescopes.  I believe the current version of CH is self-published, so contact Jim at [email protected] to get a copy.

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Posted 07/02/2022 04:59AM #3
You can generate your own observing list from the Stelladoppie website:

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