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IC 405 The Flaming Star Nebula

Started by Rod Kaufman, 11/14/2018 03:44AM
Posted 11/14/2018 03:44AM | Edited 11/14/2018 03:44AM Opening Post
Checking Vol 1 of "The Observer's Guide", I was a bit surprised to see two different recommendations for viewing this object. First, the use of a UHC filter for 12" and 14" scopes and second, the use on an 0111 filter with and" and "18" scopes. IC 405 is an both an emission and reflection nebula and evidently lends itself to the effective usage of either filter.
Rising over a nearby hill adjacent to my home, Auriga was a bit low in the horizon on Saturday November 10th but I decided to give it a go in my 16" truss dob with an 0111 filter in place with a 14mm ES 100 AFOV eyepiece. I noted extensive nebulosity immediately without much need for averted vision. The expanse of nebulosity really does seem to "flame" up around the object. I'll certainly check it out again next month with Auriga riding higher in the sky and hopefully from a dark sky location as well.