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interesting galaxy pairs and triples

Started by mhansen, 04/30/2002 08:05PM
Posted 04/30/2002 08:05PM Opening Post
Anyone with dark skies and at least an 8" should be able to find most of the galaxy doubles and triples listed below. I enjoyed looking at each of these tonight. All are easy to hop due to their close proximity to brighter stars within the constellations Leo and Ursa Major.

These ones are in the "pan" area of Ursa Major: 3982 & 3998; 3738 & 3756; 3718 & 3729 (very nice).

These ones are in Leo: 3190 & 3193 (very nice); 3226 & 3227 (very nice close pair); 3384, 3389 & M105 (super triple); M65, 66 & 3628 (very nice); 3681, 3684 & 3686 (nice triple in a row); and finally 3599, 3607 & 3608 (this is a killer triplet and well worth hunting). That last triple has a faint fourth galaxy that I can see in the 16" dob. Tonight's transparency was good and seeing was excellent for once. The Whale Galaxies' (4631) faint companion 4627 was readily visible with the 17 Nag. If you get a chance and want a challenge, hunt down some of these doubles and triples.

A terrific "galaxy season" night!
Clear skies,
Mark Hansen

Mark Hansen