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NGC 6842: Which Constellation?

Started by Rod Kaufman, 09/06/2015 10:50AM
Posted 09/06/2015 10:50AM | Edited 09/06/2015 10:52AM Opening Post
I was observing in front of my home last night (9-5-15) with my 16" f4.5 dob and a 14mm ES 100AFOV eyepiece and I was able to pull in many planetary nebula with the aid of a lumicon 0111 filter. Despite moderate light pollution and high ambient lighting conditions, I could still see the milky way above me and Cygnus was particularly well placed for observation.
As a challenge object for my observing conditions, I chose NGC 6842, a faint but rather large planetary nebula noted by most references at visual magnitude 13.10. Of interest is the fact that volume 2 of "The Observer's Guide" classifies this planetary as being in Cygnus while my sky commander computer pegs it in Vulpecula. Some sources on the internet classify it in the latter constellation while others note it on the border between the two:
One other source I read on the net noted this object initially had errors of position in its classification which I suspect explains its dual constellation identity theft. grin Anyhow, when I eyeball it looking up, it appears to be clearly within Cygnus although most sources on the internet classify it in Vulpecula.
Any opinions on the true location of this object?

Posted 09/20/2015 12:30AM #1
As a follow-up to the above, I again observed this object on 9-19-15 under good conditions and I note the Observer's Guide actually lists NGC 6842 separately under BOTH constellations, replete with descriptions. I doubt that happens very often...