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NGC 7048

Started by Rod Kaufman, 10/03/2015 11:44PM
Posted 10/03/2015 11:44PM | Edited 10/04/2015 08:36AM Opening Post
Before the summer triangle and Cygnus give way to the winter constellations, I observed numerous objects in front of my home on the nights of 10-2/3-15 with my 16" scope in conditions of excellent transparency and good seeing. If you've got the aperture and the seeing for relatively high power, try observing 12th magnitude NGC 7048 which, according to the "Observer's guide", has a slightly elongated appearance. I could discern this immediately in my scope and it makes this planetary appear similar to a faint galaxy in its structural appearance in the eyepiece. In my case, I used a 14mm ES AFOV 100 along with a paracor and a Lumicon 0111 filter. For more detail:
Try different eyepieces on this one to detect the elongated nature of this object. It's well worth the effort...
Posted 10/04/2015 07:57AM #1
Rod, it that 2048 or 7048? We were looking at planetaries last new moon. Thanx for the tip. Perfect object for my Big Dob.

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