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NGC7479 - at last

Started by Inge_S, 11/02/2002 10:41AM
Posted 11/02/2002 10:41AM Opening Post
During several observing sessions I have searched for NGC7479. According to the magnitude given in tables, it should not be difficult with an aperture of 8 inches. However, I have a problem with city glow in the low southern sky, and it there are not too many referance stars to help locating it. Yesterday evening, however, I finally spotted the galaxy. It was pretty large, but I was absolutely not impressed by its brightness.

In the near zenith region, however, I could go pretty deep yesterday. NGC185 and NGC147 were not very difficult. Not far from this group is a compact spiral, NGC278 which is a good object, and should be reachable with apertures of 4 inches or less.

I also had a look at a few diffuse nebulae. NGC1931 (between M36 and M38) was the brightest and smallest one. NGC1491 in Perseus is a bit larger, looking almost as a square with the O-III filter. After some sweeping, I also found NGC1333 (also Perseus). This turned out to be a pretty large, oval nebulosity. There was a star involved, clearly off-center. I didn't try a filter on this nebula since it shines by reflected star light. It was not extremely bright, but pretty obvious in the 8-inch. It was much easier to see than NGC7479 and NGC891 in Andromeda.
Posted 11/03/2002 05:29PM #1

NGC 7479 is quite a sight through a large aperture from a dark site. At the Black Forest Star Party at CSSP last September I observed this great looking spiral galaxy through a number of instruments including a 24" Tectron.

Browse for an excellent image of NGC 7479.

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