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Object of February 7th: M42

Started by Inge_S, 02/07/2011 01:00PM
Posted 02/07/2011 01:00PM Opening Post
Much has been written about the great Orion nebula, but still I would like to give my own impression of this great object. Very easy to locate in the telescope this was my favourite when I made my first attempts with a 30mm scope with fixed magnification of 20x. I was always very pleased with the greenish glow among the small glittering stars in the field. When, at an age of 15, I could trade the small telescope with a HUGE 60mm, I could, of course, see more of the nebula, and I also noticed that the sentral star was not single, but appeared to me as a triplet. Very few astronomy books were translated to Norwegian at that time, and I didn't even think about getting observation guides in English (due to limited budget), so I didn't know about the existense of the "Trapezium". If I had, I would probably seen the fourth star already then.
With my present equipment the Orion nebula is a glorious object. The visual extent is similar to what can be seen in many photos, but I find the images more delicate through the eyepiece than in photos. The colour, of course, is mostly green through the eyepiece, but under the best conditions I have an impression of seeing pink in parts of the nebula. Maybe it is just a shade of gray appearing pinkish due to contrast. Under the best seeing conditions the amount of detail in M42 is virtually endless, and even M43 becomes interesting at high magnification. From the Canary Islands I see six stars in the trapezium, while I usually can only pick out four (sometimes five) from home. I consider M42 to be the best object of all to view from home, and also the best to show occasional guests. A real beauty.