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Re: And Tonight, Ganymede + its shadow in transit

Started by Lorne Johnson, 02/21/2003 05:29AM
Posted 02/21/2003 05:29AM Opening Post
After getting my dormitory settled down I was too late to see Ganymede in transit. But, it's shadow was crisp and prominent. At moments of good seeing there was pretty good detail emerging on the bands as well (including the "red" spot). Being a complete neophyte at planetary (and really having stumbled into the event), it took me about a half hour to be sure just which way it was orbiting. I had never seen either image before, so it was a good night. I guess that I'll have to look into a planetary filter or two.
Posted 02/21/2003 06:38AM #1
Was observing Jupiter last night with my 12.5" dob. Cloud bands evident and a "spot" too. How would I know if this was the red spot or the shadow of the moon? Observing time: approx. 7:45pm in New York.