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Where did the NTB go?

Started by Inge_S, 12/09/2002 07:05AM
Posted 12/09/2002 07:05AM Opening Post
Jupiter experts, what happened to the NTB? I made my first decent observations of Jupiter last year, and during the whole observing season the NTB was a conspicious feature. This morning I observed Jupiter for the second time this season. (Weather has been bad, so this was my first real opportunity) Seeing was moderate, but it should not be a problem to see the NTB if it were comparable to last year, but I could hardly make it out. The GRS was no problem to see, and there was quite some detail in the SEB. Following the GRS parts of the STB also was obvious.

Are changes in the main features of Jupiter common? Will the NTB reappear? I miss it.