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Login Name vs Real Name

Started by Greg Shaffer, 04/10/2018 11:07AM
Posted 04/10/2018 11:07AM Opening Post
So for many years my login has been Shaft01 which of course was not displayed on Ads or forum posts.  I noted that as of today Ads appear to use the members real name (as it should) but all of sudden it started using my login handle for forum posts. I personally am not a fan of "handles" not to mention now I have no clue who I am conversing with in most cases even though I have been talking with them for years.....

I know I cant speak for all but I would sure like to return to NON anonymous status for all......I am enough of an ass using my real name in the politics forum. I shudder to think of the politics forum when people are hiding behind a handle LOL

I changed my login name to my real name for the time being but find not knowing who I am talking to pretty frustrating.....My biggest pet peeve on CN.....hate to see that be the case here as well.

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