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Antares 5.7mm on craters in Crisium

Started by rolandlinda3, 05/01/2010 07:22PM
Posted 05/01/2010 07:22PM | Edited 05/01/2010 07:23PM Opening Post
Normally I pass over central sea areas looking for rough terrain to observe, but something about these craters in Crisium caught my attention since the shadows made them a little more noticeable on this late March evening. I had been doing some deep sky stuff with astro video, but shifted to a little 5.7 mm Antares EP on a 12.5 Dob for a change before quitting the session. These relatively inexpensive EPs work pretty well so even at this high magnification, the image was not too bad. Fun to work for a half hour or so...and an interesting set of craters to observe and sketch.

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Roland Beard
Posted 05/17/2010 11:29AM #1

I always enjoy seeing your sketches... One of these days old fumble fingers may just give sketching a try...

The Antares 5.7mm, a reasonable eyepiece, I had one for a spell. If you take that aluminum cover off, it's glued on, you will discover a Generic 6mm UWA as sold by Owl, Adorama and with different coloring, the Orion Expanse ...