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Moon Occults Pleiades - 2008 APR 08

Started by curtrenz, 03/26/2008 02:56PM
Posted 03/26/2008 02:56PM Opening Post
The 12% illuminated waxing crescent Moon will occult stars of the Pleiades (M45) cluster for North Americans during the evening of Tuesday 2008 APR 08. Immersions will occur on the dark limb and emersions on the bright limb.

I’ve created a graze map for North America. Observers on a star’s graze path will be able to see that star winking on and off as lunar hills and valleys pass by. Those between a star’s northern and southern paths will witness a full occultation. I also made a preview graphic for the location of Chicago’s Adler Planetarium. To see both the map and the graphic, click:

Photos and descriptions of the event would be welcome additions to this thread. If you would like occultation or graze data for a specific location, please reply to this post with a longitude, latitude, time zone and approximate altitude above sea level.

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Curt Renz
Posted 04/09/2008 09:39AM #1
Thanks for the heads up! I missed the occultation by about 15 minutes thanks to being on hold with somebody's customer service! shocked But, it still made for a spectacular sight and a fine conjunction. I observed for a little while with our dog and some Celestron 10x50 and WW2-era military 6x30 binoculars. smile

I have several telescopes, but none are semi-APO, APO, or in anyway valuable.