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Oil Painting Live via NightSkiesNetwork

Started by rolandlinda3, 08/21/2011 04:34PM
Posted 08/21/2011 04:34PM | Edited 08/22/2011 12:28PM Opening Post
I am new at observing/sketching with oils although I regularly observe/sketch with pastels or pencil...which is what teach overseas when we teach practical observing. The live painting is not that good, but the circumstances are pretty unique. I painted/observed by watching a live screen image of the Tycho region that I was watching on NSN (Night Skies Network) on the 9th; then did Schiller on the 10th. However, the screen image (for both evenings) came from my 8 inch SCT that was fitted with an astro video camera set on 1/3000 second then sent via video output to my monnitor but also to my laptop capture device....that took the image to NSN where it was broadcast. This way, several people could observe at the same time, chat during the observation, and get a few instructions from me about studying/sketching while I developed the oil paint view at the same time. Quite unique, but an excellent way for a group to observe, and for us (eventually) to take lunar or deep sky views and send them to others, who can also observe vicariously because they do not have the equipment or the weather or both. If interested, you can see how we apply the observations to lessons and stories by going to the blog post

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