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Super wolf blood moon

Started by Broken62, 01/21/2019 10:28AM
Posted 01/21/2019 10:28AM Opening Post
Yes, something like that. 
I am at a loss that there is not a bunch of posts on this Eclipse.
Well, just for the heck of it, I dusted the scope and set out to watch this one in this Lunar thread.
Could not find a digital camera in time to take a few shots, therefore, tried to reset up my 35mm film cameras. After an exhausting search for film locally, I got lucky and found some. Choice was bleak, wound up with Kodak Ultramax, 400spd.
I do not have a computer to do focusing, and no longer had a mask for focus. 
Try to bang a new one out in cardboard with Hartman type. First one I made that did well was 3 triangles. This time I tried the minus and X. We shall see if anything is in focus down the road after film gets developed. 
I thought this eclipse was good. However, not as bright coppery red as I would have liked, seemed deep and dark.
There was an edge that seemed to stay bright, is that the way it always is in a full eclipse?
In Erlanger KY, we miss many of these special occurances. Sunday night was looking great after an early snowstorm,4".
Then almost as soon as eclispe started, clouds moved in and gave the moonbow look.  ugh. Then the skies cleared, 10deg frigid and pretty still at ground level, but the upper skies were moving, not heavy twinkle starry thankfully.
Enjoyed the show for next couple of hours. Taking breaks from the outside for the dog and to get some hot chocolate.
I plan on relearning the moon, see the straight wall again.
Supermoon was hard to tell after above horizon and far from tree line.
Moon seemed all alone, void of stars nearby it seemed to me.
Anybody have anything they noticed?