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Arrrgh!!! Rust!

Started by reconair, 08/10/2013 12:29PM
Posted 08/10/2013 12:29PM Opening Post
What's the best way to remove rust on meteorite samples?

I have several nice slices that have developed rust around the etched edges of the cut surfaces. There's even some localized spots that need to be removed. Unfortunately, I have a large Brenham slice that got way to rusty and lost some of its crystals. Too bad, since it was a beautiful piece.

Scott Busby
A.K.A. Reconair

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Posted 09/05/2013 07:39PM #1
Sometimes you can't, or at least not permanently. Some rust from inside and coating them in plastic to prevent contact with outside air and humidity doesn't help. Ditto keeping them in a warm environment (like under a permanently-lit lightbulb. I don't know the best way to remove rust, but don't be surprised if it returns. - John