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Fireball seen in Canton, MA

Started by C. Arnold, 01/05/2016 03:05AM
Posted 01/05/2016 03:05AM | Edited 01/05/2016 03:09AM Opening Post
At 5:42 AM Eastern time facing North 36 degrees I saw a bright meteor about 10 degrees above the horizon heading east-southeast from my viewpoint (I was sitting in my car waiting for the train facing right at it). Lost sight of it behind trees, but it was still glowing bright. Hopefully it became a meteorite without causing any harm.
Posted 01/05/2016 06:38AM #1
Cool! Anytime I'm observing, I hope a meteorite lands right at my feet ... without damaging my equipment or hurting me ... big and valuable. I sell it, become famous and buy more telescopes with the proceeds. It hasn't happened yet; so I'd better do a lot more observing! Tom

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Posted 01/07/2016 01:29PM #2
Too bad it was heading in that direction. Likely over the Atlantic. I'm SW of you, they never seem to head this way.