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For Apollo buffs

Started by maurice clark, 08/08/2006 07:05PM
Posted 08/08/2006 07:05PM Opening Post
Hi all,

Something that might be of interest to anyone who remembers the heady days of the Apollo missions. (grimacing as he reveals his vintage!! cwy )

Apollo Flight Journal

This site covers the flights of Apollos 8, 12, 15, and 16. Complete voice transcripts, numerous audio and video clips, flight plans and checklists, and detailed information about the hardware.

Lunar Surface Journal

Complete voice transcripts, numerous audio and video clips, diagrams and technical notes on all landings on the Moon (inc Apollo 13)

Project Apollo Archive

The best source for photos and diagrams of all Apollo missions, including the unmanned ones. (see attachjed photo as an example) Plus a lunar lander simulator. See how good you are at making a safe landing!! grin

These guys deserve great kudos for doing what must ahve been an incredible amount of work colating all this material. A word of warning however....... it is a fantastic timewaster!!!! You can spend hours reading through it all. I have been visiting these websites for over a year and I am still less than halfway through everything!!!!! 8O



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Posted 08/08/2006 07:58PM #1
Awesome stuff Maurice...
I must control myself though, or I'll be spending all day browsing through that... 8O 8)

That's a beautiful picture too...

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