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Musical Abuse of Astronauts

Started by kmichaelm, 07/14/2006 02:31PM
Posted 07/14/2006 02:31PM | Edited 07/14/2006 02:34PM Opening Post
First it was Abba, now this....

It's been a long standing tradition to wake up crews with music piped up from Houston.

Did anyone catch today's (Friday / flight day 11) wake
up song/call? Probably not - was at 12:08 am CT. It was
something like "The Texas Aggie March", and they played
the whole 2 or 3 minutes of was interminable...
and while it was playing, I could tell that at least one crew
member had the same reaction that I had as a kid to
something quite similar.

In my childhood, every Saturday morning (chore day)
my dad would wake everyone in the house by very loudly
playing this German Military March record - I guess it
has something to do with him being an ex-Luftwaffe...
but one of the STS-121 crew, about 15 seconds into this
Texas Aggie march, groans and croaks something to the
effect of "OK....", but the march doesn't stop...and
goes on...and on...and on.... and finally someone
almost yells, "ENOUGH!!!"

I could not help but laugh out loud - I could relate
all too well.

I wonder if that part will make it into Flight Day

Posted 07/14/2006 11:46PM #1
I've noticed that music is one thing us humans can really disagree on. What is wonderful to one person can be torture to another person.

For example, I like to blast modern classical music (you know, the fingernails against the blackboard type screeching stuff) in my car whenever some dude with baggy pants or a baseball hat on backwards pulls up next to me playing some rap or bling-bling music. Drives 'em nuts. 8)

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