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Nasa and Esa sign Mars agreement

Started by maurice clark, 11/09/2009 06:20AM
Posted 11/09/2009 06:20AM Opening Post
Hi all,

I have just read a news report on the BBC website that NASA and ESA have signed a "letter of intent" that ties together their Mars programs.

"The Mars Joint Exploration Initiative (Meji) has been under discussion for several months, with the key elements - covering scope, division of responsibility and financing - gradually falling into place. The letter of intent puts the initiative on a more formal footing."

This sounds interesting and if it helps keep Mars exploration going forward then it is good news. Disappointing to read that ESA's Mars rover is now delayed until 2018. cwy



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Posted 11/11/2009 09:10PM #1
Hello Mr. Clark,
Thankyou for your interest and sharing your info on this subject. Personally if I had it my way, I would wish NASA do their own program and ESA do theirs as well..

I feel ESA has worked well with NASA on the ISS program, but working with Russia has shown that NASA has had it's hands tied.
ESA has done some remarkable work using the New ATV system.. Also JAXA has shown some great advances as well with there new systems.

But too me and the information that comes out later shows that NASA- United States, puts the most money in these ventures.
I am a beleaver in the saying of "Nesesity is the Mother of Invention"..
I am sorry for the bad spelling.

Again, Thankyou for your constant and informitive threads.

Be well !



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