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Oh Boy - it's NEW

Started by Ridgerunner, 07/12/2006 08:00AM
Posted 07/12/2006 08:00AM Opening Post
Thankyou Herb for hearing our call. So for the guys who want too talk about Man Space Flight and Robotic missions, Herb has made it possible. For good or bad and depending on your personal idealology, I see man as an Adventurer. There has always been sceptics in the past concerning if the money or the risk was worth it, I say look at the benefits. We are approching 6.5 Billion people and running out of room and resorces. THis week we are seeing NASA and it's partners bring the best minds together too build a New outpost for Humanity...
My favorite part this week was the duct tape fix to the astronauts spacewalk.

OK guys, I look forward too those questions, maybe we can get Herb too chime in.

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