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Shuttle Replacement

Started by davidcolton, 07/13/2006 08:57AM
Posted 07/13/2006 08:57AM | Edited 07/13/2006 08:59AM Opening Post
For years NASA sold the public on the idea of a reusable space vehicle that could be taken aloft on a small booster rocket or from the bottom of a jet, like the X-15 and then sent into orbit. The idea was that the shuttle is like putting a tracker-trailer into orbit and what is really needed is a people-mover; the equivalent of a mini-bus or van. So why did they scrape this idea and return to the space capsule concept. In stead of flying a space-plane back to earth, astronauts will now land in the water with a thud. Seems like we're going backward instead of foward in rocket design. Any thoughts? I wonder what the astronauts think of this idea, as I don't think they were real fond of not being in control of the landing process.
Posted 07/13/2006 01:10PM #1
I suspect it's less expensive and safer to use throw away craft than to have to tear them apart and recertify them for launch every time.
Posted 07/15/2006 02:08AM #2
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Posted 07/15/2006 10:38AM #3
I think that the Russians were right to focus on big dumb rockets for getting things routinely out to space. We need to focus on something that is super simple and that works.

I have several telescopes, but none are semi-APO, APO, or in anyway valuable.