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Spitzer image of the LMC

Started by maurice clark, 09/06/2006 03:26PM
Posted 09/06/2006 03:26PM Opening Post
Hi all,

Check out this image of the LMC taken by the Spitzer Infra-red Space Telescope!

If your ISP can handle the volume, download the 10 Mb version, the detail is amazing. The other amazing thing is that the image covers over 7 degrees!!!!! To get an image that size required the mosiacing of some 300,000 individual images!!!! 8O And I complain about mosiacing 3 or 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Posted 09/06/2006 06:18PM #1
As SWEET as it gets! 8O 8)
What a wonderful set of equipment we have out there... the images they provide are the best there is, period!

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