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AR 2773 from Lake Ahern Observatory

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06/30/03 Mars & other

Started by 2dogs7, 07/30/2003 01:29AM
Posted 07/30/2003 01:29AM Opening Post
By far and away the best viewing of the year for mid-summer midwest viewing. I captured some amazing photos of the red planet on film at 277x. I contact printed some B&W tests. Very sharp pic.s with alot of detail. When I get the color versions back I'll scan one and post it. Every bit as good as the "best I've seen post" (a very nice shot Jay). After shooting about 90 photos of Mars I then just laid on the ground with a pair of binoculars. The sky was so beautifull I just wanted to get a good look at it. At about 3:10 Central time I saw an object cross the sky at unbelievable speed. It came from the NE around Cassiopia crossing the sky towards Mars. It was so far away that I could not see it without the binoculars. I could see no vapor trail of any kind and I could hear no engine noise. Of what I could see of it it had some length to it. Maybe cigar shape, of course from that distance and in the dark who knows. Anyhow it crossed probably 180 deg. of sky in maybe 8 or 9 seconds. If it was as high as I believe it was, that's cruzing... Maybe the Air Force has a new toy?