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1o2 (Io Occults Europa), 2003/2/24 UT

Started by Dave Mitsky, 02/25/2003 06:46AM
Posted 02/25/2003 06:46AM Opening Post
On the night of 2003/2/24 UT Tony Donnangelo and I observed the end of the shadow transit by Io and the mutual event that followed immediately thereafter from the driveway of his residence. We utilized his 102mm f/8 Takahashi FS-102 apochromat and Orion Lanthanum Superwide and Pentax SMC XL oculars in that pursuit. It was cold and very windy and the seeing was only average at best but the transparency wasn't bad.

Io had completed its transit at 4:15 UT and was nearing Europa. Io's shadow was still visible near the preceding limb. As the minutes passed the shadow became a bite out of Jupiter's limb and the gap between Io and Europa narrowed until the two moons formed a peanut. Finally the two were as one, or in astronomical shorthand 1o2. The occultation began at 04:47 UT and lasted for three minutes. We watched for a short time as Io and Europa continued to separate and then turned the refractor westward to Saturn, which was rather disappointing due to its altitude and the seeing. After a few minutes I was on my way.

Dave Mitsky

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