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April 19 transit and GRS

Started by EdZ, 04/20/2003 01:34PM
Posted 04/20/2003 01:34PM Opening Post
Saturday night April 19, 8:00 to 11:30

Outstanding night,
All night mag 4.5, by end of night mag 5.0* little dipper was vis
Seeing sometimes wavering, most times still, crisp.

Early on views of Saturn with TV85 Started out with TV19wf Titan vis
No Cassini with 12.5UO 48x or 9UO 67x But one more moon vis
7.5TakLE Cassini vis and 2nd moon.
One dark band on disk vis with all of these.

Later views with the TV85, Castor beautifully split wide
And Jupiter, not nearly as impressive as with the Cr150.

Out front with CR150 on UA HD Surveyor damps in 3-4sec
started with 27Pan on M44 counted 130* in M44 field with 27Pan 44x 1.5°fov

Front set-up was primarily for viewing Jupiter. Shortly after 8:00 I spotted a moon’s shadow transiting and nearly exiting. I only got to see the transit for maybe 20 minutes. But while that was going on I could see the GRS coming around the turn. One half a very dark thin band stripe below lower eq belt preceding the GRS, the trailing edge of this dark stripe leading the GRS by about 1 to 1 ½ hours. The leading edge of the eq belt preceding the GRS was very dark, slanted upwards into the equartoral region and it appeared the whole dark band in that area was slightly pushed into the equatoral region. By my estimate the GRS was on the meridian just after 10:30 EDT. The GRS itself was totally washed out pale sandy tan, What was visible was the darkened pushed out areas of the band. This entire view was with 8.8 UWA. Outstanding sharp detail. 136x exit pupil 1.1mm

Last views with the CR150 was M65 and M66

I had a very nice night of viewing in Rhode Island last night. edz