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Colored Saturn Observation

Started by Martian, 11/04/2002 01:38PM
Posted 11/04/2002 01:38PM Opening Post
I have taken my monochrome observation of Saturn made on October 27, 2002 (06:20 UT) and added color to it according to notes taken at the time and color images of the planet obtained at the approximate period by Damian Peach (a noted planetary imager). The data for the observation is as previously sent. I hope that you like it and any comments are welcome. I hope to make more color observations of the planets in the future.

The best of luck to you all and may you have clear and steady skies.

Carlos E. Hernandez

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Posted 11/04/2002 04:41PM #1

Superb drawing! Your work might make CCD imaging of the planets obsolete:-)

Looking forward to meeting you one day.


Posted 11/05/2002 03:31AM #2
Carlos, that is simply elegant!! I find it especially interesting as the last time I observed Saturn under very good conditions I noted a slightly greenish/blue band/belt near the polar region. It wasn't as stong as the drawing naturally but was definitely there. That was the first time I had ever really noted that feature.

Posted 11/11/2002 04:41AM #3
Carlos, here is a quick rendition from this AM. As you can see my artistic skills are zilch, but I really like having the templates you sent. Thanks again. This was with my 10" f/6, and the seeing really wasn't that great excepr for very brief moments.


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