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Driving a truck through Cassini Division?

Started by ronbee, 03/03/2003 05:48PM
Posted 03/03/2003 05:48PM Opening Post
I've often heard this expression by reading some report of Saturn's observation through large aperture. I can't remember what was the typical magnification used to expressed the Cassini in these terms. Well, all I know is I can't even squeeze my sketching paper through the Cassini Division through my 4" TV-102 APO refractor :-(, let alone my old VW Beatle!

Using Ed Grafton's photo, the Division sure looks large enough to pass a lot of things through.

I reduced it to 25% of original and displayed it on my 15" LCD monitor (looks just about the right size through my 4" TV-102). Well, what do you know; I can hardly squeeze a piece of paper through either ;-).

The question is: how many of you with large aperture scope use this expression? Do you see through the eyepiece such a wide gap in the Cassini Division like in the photo? If so, what magnification do you have to deploy to open the gap for those "trucks" ;-)?

Ron B[ee]
Posted 03/03/2003 08:46PM #1
Hi Ron,

I don't know why people say this. BTW, had excellent seeing conditions tonight. Not the best transparency, but utterly stable seeing conditions. The best viewing this apparition for Saturn which held very sharp images at 428x. No trucks at the now infamous Cassini truck stop though.

Saw a few transitional gradations with sharp edges where the B and C rings come together.

I am following up with tonight's Jupiter drawing.

Sol Robbins